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NE Studio and Distance Learning


Amanda Lopez

In the short time Lila has been in dance class we have seen the BIGGEST improvement in her personality in the most FANTASTIC way! She used to shy away from other kids at the park or when out and about. Now she runs and plays and acts like her normal Lila self in public settings! She wasn't too sure about coming back after her first class but now she's super excited and shows us all her new moves as soon as she's home. Thank you so much everyone at POYDS, for your patience and your energetic and positive attitudes that shines through your students!

Kili Barnas Krauter

We started our 3 year old in the Creative Dance class last fall because she was very shy due to being in isolation for the first 2.5 years of her life and needed to get used to interacting with other children her age. She had gone from crying before each class to being excited and trying to stand at the front of the line by her last in-person class. She has continued to take her classes virtually and she enjoys seeing Miss Kayleigh on the TV and especially now, seeing her friends on Zoom during class. I feel that class has helped her both socially and physically with her coordination and balance. Kayleigh is amazing with the littles! We would recommend this class and I am sure, any of POYDS classes, to anyone. We love the staff and the friends we have made there!

Andrea E Holmes

First off Kayleigh is so accommodating. I heard about her parent child class and asked what age group it was geared towards as my son is 2. The class she had already was for a little older kids but she was happy to add a class for 2-3.5 year olds which was called Wiggles and Giggles. I loved that there was something for my son and I to do locally in Crete. During the class Kayleigh did a great job keeping my sons attention and making it so much fun for the little ones. My son talks about going to dance and had to come home and show is big sisters what he learned at dance! We have to play head shoulders knees and toes so he can dance do it! I would highly recommend this class and all others offered by this company. I look forward to it being offered again. Thank you for wonderful experience.

Ben Piper

The  live class for littles today was awesome! My daughter loved it and didn't want it to end!

Shaylah Stephens

The virtual class for the little movers was great! It even got me motivated to join in. We have done virtual and in person classes and Miss Kayleigh is an amazing instructor. She keeps it engaging for the kids and they don't even realize they are doing dance moves because of how much fun they are having! Would recommend POYDS Dance Company to anyone and everyone! 

Andrea Engelhaupt-Krueger

The kids loved this class and can't wait until next week! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and love of dance with others!

Adella Rodgers

We love Kayleigh! She has been such a blessing for Lainey. The patience and kindness she has shown is priceless. Her ability to break complicated moves into easy to understand steps and to make it enjoyable at the same time is truly amazing. She has helped me daughter refine her movements and has added a gracefulness to her gymnastics routines. We love her energy and the positive attitude she has every time she steps into the studio. Thnaks POYDS and Kayleigh!

Sam Woods

Most recently, I took beginning-intermediate private tap lessons with Kayleigh to prepare myself for theatrical auditions, and let me just say, I have never had such a conscientious, patient, and knowledgeable teacher. She took the time to find out exactly what I needed and wanted out of the experience and catered to me. She came prepared and expected me to do the same, the lessons were always informative and enjoayable! As a twenty-one year old learning some of the basics and finer points of tap, Kayleigh got me to a level of confidence I would not have acquired anywhere else or from anyone else. And they were SO reasnably priced too. Could not recomment her ability more. 5/5

Andrea E Holmes

I started beginners ballet classes with Kayleigh in January 2018. Within 8 months, I progressed to an intermediate level and the dance lessons have transformed my mind and body. I now have focus, concentration, mental acuity, better memory, core strength, body cotrol, balance, posture, grace and a passion for dance. I would recommend these ballet lessons to adults of any age or skills. Kayleigh is the most intuitive and creative ballet teacher. She is instilling a supportive but rigorous training program. She is a perfectionsist with great attention to detail. If you want to learn ballet correctly then POYDS is the place to go. 


Mom Of Dancer

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Shauna Shaefer
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Shauna Shaefer
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