Studio Policies

General Studio Rules:

Please follow these rules to help create a professional and safe atmosphere to create a positive and safe environment to learning and dance.

  • No food or drinks in the studio area; please keep all food and water in the lobby area. Water breaks will be designated during class.

  • Please walk at all times in the studio.

  • Please discard gum before class begins.

  • Please leave all valuables at home.

  • Please no street shoes on the dance floor this is to keep a clean, safe floor for all dancers. For country swing & line dance classes, please wipe off bottom of shoes with a wet paper towel before class and/or bring along a separate pair of boots or tennis shoes designated solely for dancing on the dance floor.

  • Please use restrooms before class begins along with changing clothes and securing all shoes and hair in order to be prepared to begin class at its proper start time.

  • No dancer is allowed to wait outside for their rides. Parents of 3-8 year old dancers must come into studio to drop off and pick up their dancer. This is to keep a safe and secure atmosphere for our dancers.

  • Please pick up after yourself and keep the studio neat with hands off the mirrors at all time along with picking up trash in common areas since we are sharing the space with other dance companies. Please be respectful of the space and the items in the studio at all times.

  • Proper Respect to all instructors, staff, facility and fellow dancers is expected at all times.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class and pick up dancers no later than 10 minutes after the conclusion time. If running late, please call the studio at 308-765-1137.

Spring Showcase

POYDS Dance Company will be hosting its 2nd Annual Spring Showcase on Sunday, May 2nd to highlight the achievements and skill sets of our dancers. More details to be unveiled in coming months. 


Regular attendance is important and crucial to the success of one’s dance training. Dancers are expected to arrive on time attend weekly. A willingness to learn, favorable attitude, respect and good attendance are key factors to success and advancement at our studio. If you must miss, technique and choreography are reviewed each week from the previous class. Please also take initiative to come early the following week to review with a classmate from class in order to catch up. Please email to the studio at least 24 hours in advance or call the office if your dancer plans on missing class.

Class Withdraw

If you withdraw from a class, you must present a written note to the studio owner by the first of the month. Refunds will only be given for the following month. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from your refund. No phone calls will be accepted for class withdrawal. Credits will be given if determined appropriate by the POYDS Dance Company Administration Staff.

Makeup Classes

Makeup classes are given and encouraged when appropriate. Please call the studio to make arrangements.


All announcements will be made through the studio’s Remind Me - text app, via email and website. If there is ever anything you need to know about your or your child(s) dance class, the studio will be sure to let you know as soon as possible. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at: 308-765-1137 or email the studio . Follow us on Facebook at POYDSDanceCo or on Instagram.

Bad Weather

If by chance there is bad weather, classes will be canceled for the evening. We will follow Crete Public Schools calendar if school and/or activities are canceled due to bad weather; we too will not have classes. At any time, please use your discretion if the weather is bad. In addition, POYDS Dance Company may have classes during certain school breaks/days off, except on major holidays. POYDS Dance Company will also post on social media, Remind Me - Text Reminder and/or via email to notify if classes will be postponed or canceled along with days off due to holidays and/or designated breaks.



Phone: (308) 765-1137

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Phone: (308) 765-1137