COVID-19 Policy:

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines & Procedures

Updated: 08/01/20

The health and safety of our dancers, their families and our staff members are our top priority at POYDS Dance Company. 


There are four (4) various ways individuals can take classes with us this upcoming 2020-2021 dance season: 

  1. In-Person Classes - Crete Branch ​

  2. Live Virtual / Online Classes ​

  3. Hybrid Classes ​

  4. Private One-On-One and Private Small Group Classes ​


COVID-19 Parent / Guardian & Dancer In-Studio Expectations: 


In order to minimize risk as much as possible the studio is implementing the following procedure to install medical grade air purifiers in each studio and increase cleaning and sanitization measures. 


Studio Arrival:

  1. Dancers should not enter the studio until it is time for their class to start. Dancer will not be allowed to be dropped off extra early to wait for their set classes this year. We are encouraging dancers to arrive at max only 5 - 10 minutes early to set up their sanitized shoes area and to wash hands before class. 

  2. Dancers ages 8 and under should have only one parent or guardian with them during drop off - no siblings please unless you have an infant or small child that must be with you.

  3. Dancers must enter the studio from the studio back door. All dancers regardless their age must have a parent or guardian with them upon drop off to the back studio door to ensure a safe drop-off and MUST be checked in by the Studio Manager before parent / guardian is allowed to leave the dancer. There will be signs on the door to direct you. 

  4. ​Dancers must arrive at the studio dressed and ready for class - no additional access to the bathrooms will be available in order to assist in maintaining sanitation. Dancers are welcome to bring a water bottle and all necessary shoes for their set class(es). We are strongly encouraging dancers this year to NOT bring a dance bag; only shoes necessary for that specific class. All other clothing and other additional items etc. please leave in one’s vehicle. For combo classes, dancers will be assigned a designated location to place their shoes during their class. Location will be disinfected between each class. 

  5. All dancers and teachers upon arrival will need to wash their hands and Germ-X will be used periodically during class to maintain sanitation amongst dancers and staff members. 

  6. Even though masks are not mandated within the community under exercising, we are strongly encouraging dancers to wear a mask. If a dancer forgets theirs, one may purchase a mask from the Main Office for $1.00. Personalized POYDS Masks are available for purchase for $8.00 per mask at the Main Office. 

  7. All parents / guardians when dropping off, picking up students or when doing dance business inside the studio must wear a mask at all times.  

  8. Special dance dots will be arranged 6ft a part on the floor to maintain social distancing guidelines within the class. Each dancer will be assigned a special dot for their class. Additional square boxes 6ft a part will be marked out to maintain social distancing guidelines for across the floor activities. 

  9. Teachers will call students into class where they will take temperatures at the door and assign spots in the studio. ​

  10. If a dancer or family member within one’s household is experiencing any of the following symptoms below, please contact the office immediately or at least 24 hours prior to the start of your set class time to receive the Zoom link info for your child to take their class from home. 

    1. Coughing 

    2. Fever or chills

    3. Cough

    4. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    5. Fatigue

    6. Muscle or body aches

    7. Headache

    8. New loss of taste or smell

    9. Sore throat

    10. Congestion or runny nose

    11. Nausea or vomiting

    12. Diarrhea

  11. IMPORTANT: If a parent / guardian is running late for the start of class, the parent/guardian MUST call or text the Studio Manager so the dancer can maintain social distancing guidelines from other dancers upon their arrival.


During Class: 

  1. All dancers are expected to stay in class within the studio at all times during their set sessions. 

  2. Restrooms will be open for dancers and teachers use only; restrooms will not be publicly available. Dancers that need to use the restroom during class will be sent one at a time. 

  3. If a dancer has a back to back class, dancers will be asked to stay inside the main studio until the class begins; no dancer will be allowed to wander/hangout in the front or back lobby. 


Class Pick Up / Exiting Of Classes: 

  1. At the conclusion of class, dancers will be dismissed one at a time by their teacher and the dancer must verify that their ride is here before physically leaving the studio. 

  2. Dancers will exit their classes from the front lobby area to avoid cross traffic of incoming class from the back as much as possible. 

  3. Once a dancer's ride has been verified and approved by the dance teacher, dancers must exit the building immediately upon formal dismissal by their dance teacher. 

  4. Parents / Guardians are welcome to stand outside the studio or wait in their cars until their dancer’s class has concluded. No parents / guardians will be allowed to wait in the lobby area. All dancers ages 15 years and under must have a parent / guardian outside the door waiting for them in order to be formally dismissed for class. 

IMPORTANT: If a parent / guardian is running late and unable to be at the studio at the set class end time, the parent/guardian MUST call or text the Studio Manager so the dancer can maintain social distancing guidelines from other dancers as they wait.



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