2019/2020 Class Calendar:

2019/2020 Dance Season Class Calendar will be released after the August 1st Open House.

Classes Begin: Wednesday, August 21st

Classes Available: 

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 

2019/2020 Class Listings: 

3 - 4 years Creative Movement 

5 - 8 years Ballet & Tap Combo Class

9 - 12 years Ballet & Tap Combo Class

9 - 12 years Jazz & Lyrical Combo Class

13 - 18 years Jazz & Lyrical Combo Class

13 - 18 years / Collegiate Ballet Class

13 - 18 years / Collegiate Tap Class

13 - 18 years / Collegiate Musical Theater Jazz & Creative Movement

Adult Ballet & Creative Movement

Adult Tap Class

Seasonal Programming: 

Basic Ballroom for Adults & Seniors Citizens

Country Line & Swing Dancing for Adults 

Country Line Dancing for Senior Citizens 

*Finalized Fall Seasonal  scheduled to be released August 2nd. 

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Class Enrollment Notes: 

Please note classes, dates and times may be subject to change based on enrollment.  All dancers ages 12 & under are required to take a ballet & tap combo class first before enrolling in a Jazz / Lyrical Class and/or any upper level classes. Dancers may be enrolled in both Ballet & Tap Combo and Jazz & Lyrical Combo Classes at same time; however, one will not be allowed to take solely the 9 - 12 years Jazz & Lyrical Class without being enrolled in Ballet & Tap Combo Class. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to build well-rounded dancers and individual.s.

Students age is based on how they are by August 1st, 2019. Dancers who register for the 3 - 4 years Creative Movement Class must have turned 3 years old by August 1st, 2019 and be potty trained to be eligible to enroll for the class. For questions, please direct to Studio Owner, Kayleigh via email or phone.



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